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A message from Jerry Preyss

We are late expressing our voice. And, in truth, here at our company we have been at war with ourselves about what, when and how to align with the cries of injustice that are heard on our streets. We are not deaf after all and we are certainly not blind to the horrific reality of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many other needless and tragic deaths suffered by the Black community. But we are OvareGroup. And like our industry, we have a less than stellar record when it comes to diversity. We have been filled with good intentions. And that’s about all. And so, a reticence to say something has only been driven by a desire not to extend our hypocrisy or insult the Black community further. 

But risking this we will now say the following. We abhor racism. We abhor violence. We abhor anything that unjustly strips an individual’s dignity and freedom. Right now there is purposeful discussion happening across our network as a result of George Floyd’s death. We have made a commitment that together, we will become a better organization through better leadership and better collective and individual behavior. 

We are seriously flawed. We are genuinely penitent. And we are resolved to change. The proof will be in our actions.

Jerry Preyss, Chairman and CEO, OvareGroup